Early Sunday Morning

So Pulp!’s first issue is coming out.

Life’s pretty good for me right now.

As has the year been, mostly.

I started this year with the goal of learning how to write stories. I’ve always had ideas for stuff, but never the nerve to make anything. Well I ended up finding it this year. This last January I sat down and just wrote down story after story.

It’s been a good and bad thing.

The first story I wrote was about a female treasure hunter who uncovers a hidden civilization. Fairly standard stuff, but it was the first thing I’ve ever written and considered complete.

The second story was about a male sociopath villain who ends up saving the day. I felt this was my worst of the three I wrote, but it was liked enough for it to be included in a magazine.

The third story was a love story between two people fighting for their lives in the future. I thought this was my best, but was too heavy on the world building and thus sank under that weight.

Even though they were all really bad, it’s helped me get going. They were all done consecutively so I was really blazing the words and ideas out. It was really nice to just write  while not worrying about perfection.

I do regret that the second one reached public consumption though, it was far from ready. I really didn’t get across what I had in mind when I wrote it. Instead it seemed really crass and hateful, alas.

It’s taught me a lot, I figured I shouldn’t mind if they were bad since they weren’t heavily invested in time wise, but anything you’re going to put your name on needs to be. A good mistake to make early, I suppose.

It’s also taught me what it means to be a good editor. An editor needs to make the author look good, like Denny O’Neil said. If a story isn’t ready for primetime, an editor needs to stop the story from getting out there.

Fortunately, I still have that nerve I mentioned earlier. I got a list of stuff to tackle and several things in development I’ll be really proud of putting my name on. I hope when they’re done I can say “This is really worth sharing.” And I hope you find them really worth reading.


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